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January 2019 - Member Spotlight: Detective Keelan McCullough

January 2019 - Member Spotlight: Detective Keelan McCullough

Editor’s Note: A little while back, The Informant spoke to Officer Keelan McCullough, member of the San Diego Police Officers Association (SDPOA). Fast forward approximately two years and we are now talking to Detective Keelan McCullough, newly elected director of the SDPOA.

Service over self is a continuing theme in Detective Keelan McCullough’s life. Coming from a family of law enforcement officers, Keelan began college with a passion for law. He received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science after attending college at San Diego State University. Instead of continuing down the legal route, Keelan switched gears and decided to apply to the San Diego Police Department (SDPD), which he has excelled at as both a police officer and now as a detective.

Keelan has now been on the SDPD for ten years. In July of 2018, he went from acting detective at VICE to being assigned to the Child Abuse unit, where he was promoted to detective. When asked how he is liking his current assignment, he eagerly states, “We’re the ones that fight for the kids and victims that can’t speak for themselves… and that’s the best part about it.”

Recently, Keelan was elected to the SDPOA Board of Directors. Though he has been interested in running for the Board for a few years, he finally took the leap and decided to run in 2018. He feels that the SDPOA Board, “does so much for the members behind the scenes, that members don’t often see it.” He would like to change that. His sights are currently set on a position on the Political Action Committee (PAC) as well as the Retirement Committee. In conjunction with his degree in political science, Keelan feels passionately about politics and how political decisions are impactful decisions. As for retirement, he notes that officers in their tenure are not setting themselves up for future success like they should be. In his candidate statement, Keelan mentions retention and recruiting as a major focus. He poses the question, “How… can [SDPD] promote detectives and sergeants when we don’t have enough officers to staff those positions that are being emptied?” Luckily, this effort is department-wide and is continually being worked on. “I am just excited to get my feet wet and hit the ground running,” he reiterates.

Outside of work, Keelan continues to serve the public in more ways than one. He holds a seat with the Library Commission for the City of Murrieta. He will also be continuing with his fourth season of coaching Pop Warner for the City. Further extracurricular activities include spending time with his wife and daughter, who is now two years old, in their new family home.

The SDPOA welcomes you, Keelan!

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