SDPOA Mission

San Diego POA Mission

The San Diego Police Officers Association (SDPOA) was incorporated in 1953 to assist San Diego police officers in issues related to wages, hours, and working conditions. The SDPOA also aids members and their families in sickness, distress and death, and strives to improve social relations and welfare among the members.

A Brief Welcome

Welcome to the official website of the San Diego Police Officers Association. The SDPOA represents the Police Officers, Sergeants, Detectives and Lieutenants within the San Diego Police Department. The purpose of the SDPOA is to represent its members relating to employer – employee relations and to safeguard the Rights, Benefits and Privileges of each member.

Throughout the year, the SDPOA supports many community and youth organizations through charitable donations. We pride ourselves in striving to keep our community safe for its schools, neighborhoods and businesses. We accomplish this through various partnerships with citizens and community leaders.

The purpose of our website is to keep our members and community informed on everything the SDPOA is involved in. As you visit our website, you will see links to various businesses and organizations that have supported us. I would like to thank those businesses for their support and I encourage you to visit their websites and support those who support us.

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