Khristina L. Smith

Manager/ Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors

Khristina facilitates the POA’s day-to-day operations and serves as the executive assistant to the SDPOA president and board of directors. She also oversees and assists the SDPOA staff with the membership. Her role has expanded to coordinating SDPOA events, activities and assisting with fundraising. Khristina joined the SDPOA staff in 1996 as a file clerk. She has worked in a number of different capacities and roles on the SDPOA staff. In addition to being the executive assistant, she became the manager in the fall of 2007.

Arni Page

Store Clerk

Arni joined the SDPOA staff in December 2017. Arni maintains the POA store, which sells POA merchandise to members and the public, and also helps members with their discount ticket purchases. He also helps manage the SDPOA Store’s Facebook page and online store.

Juliana Jordan

Administrative Assistant

Juliana first came to work with the SDPOA via temp agency to assist with the front desk duties in December 2021. Due to her sharp skills and her ability to thrive within our association, Juliana was permanently hired by the POA on February 21, 2022. As the receptionist, she is the first to greet our members and guests with a smile and positive attitude. Aside from her receptionist tasks, Juliana also coordinates the Hall of Valor reservations and member retirements. Additionally, she assists in maintaining the POA member databases while being readily available to assist members with any member contact information updates they may have.

Stefanie Tellez

Manager of Communications and Public Relations

Stefanie attended SDSU and majored in journalism with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in political science. Prior to joining the SDPOA, she worked at a public relations firm, and has extensive experience in political fundraising, social media, public affairs and crisis management. Her role at the POA includes working closely with our Board of Directors to develop strategies, messaging and tactics, while also developing content for social media and managing internal and external communication efforts including being the Editor of The Informant.

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